About Our CEO


Determined to find the perfect skin care regime for herself and daughter with their struggle with sensitive skin issues. Tericka stated at her annual client appreciation conference,


"I spent years and hundreds of dollars on commercial skin care that not only never worked but were full of chemicals that were unnatural and not nurturing to my skin. I decided to invest my time, engineering skills, science background and nursing education to create all natural skin care products that everyone with any skin type, race, or gender can enjoy. And After a very long journey of designing and manufacturing natural skin care and beauty products. A few years later, Integrity Health Solutions Launched!"


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About Our Company

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We create luxury organic skin care and self care products for Men & Women that feel great and smell amazing. Our products and services provide our clients real quality while maintaining their soft skin integrity, mind, and body through aromatherapy, self love, meditation, optimal relaxation! Our #1 Mission & Motto is "Self Care = Self Love"

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